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The secret is out – Some of us want to do it all !!!

Welcome to That Mommy !  This website is a new concept for mothers who really do want to do it all – or at least look that way to everyone else.  The current popular idea that we are all supposed to feel overrun, underappreciated, and miserable, is unhealthy.  And it’s untrue.  That is devoted to putting modern life in perspective, and to offering help and tips along the way.

The truth is: We can all be that That Mommy.  We all want more time, less stress, better results.  There are tricks and tools that we can all use to create what we want, and to be better mothers, friends, and women in the process.  Forget the theory that modern mommying is hard.  That was someone else’s idea that found its way into your life.

How does she do it?

You know, the dirty little truth is that a lot of mommies want to be all those things we keep getting told we don’t want to be.  So let’s have some fun with it!  Get out of your cluttered closet and pick up a few tips for looking like That Mommy without driving yourself or your family insane.  Don’t worry about making mistakes, take a few chances, and have a laugh or two as you go.  We’re all in this together - so here’s how to make the most of it!

And remember - for all of our tips and suggestions, see the resources, links, and ideas page.

That Mommy will next update on September 20, 2010.

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